I find a lot of great indie pop / rock music on the following blogs. However, I never seem to have time to check them these days. Thus, I figured I would at least document them here. That way I can remove them from my bloglines feeds and not feel guilty.


Sixeyes tends more towards indie rock. Generally you can find a lot of good songs to download and try here (usually lower-quality mp3s). The site tends to be very chaotic and disorganized but if you spend some time wading through it you will find some real gems.

Music For Robots

Indie rock again, but more eclectic. A good sampling of electronica and rap can also be found here. Music for Robots tends to have fewer songs available for download, but the quality is much higher. Check out the CD compilations.


Again an emphasis on indie rock (ok, you caught me). More in-depth reviews of live shows. Very well written. Skewed more towards the New York scene.

To Recap

If you follow these music blogs you will very quickly be a master of indie rock. Take that for what it's worth.



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